Minor upswing for Cat A vehicles amid general downturn in COE prices

SINGAPORE — Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices, a key indicator of Singapore’s automotive market, closed generally lower in the recent tender concluded this Wednesday.

Notably, Category A, assigned to smaller, less powerful cars and electric vehicles (EVs), defied the overall trend with a marginal increase of 0.83% from S$96,206 to S$97,000.

The COE premium for larger engine vehicles, specifically those with engines over 1,600cc or more power than 130bhp, as well as high-performance EVs with power output above 110kW, saw a 2.48% drop. This category slid from S$121,000 a fortnight ago to the current S$118,002.

The Open category COE, applicable to any vehicle type barring motorcycles but predominantly used for larger cars, observed a decline of 1.63%. It went from S$123,000 to S$121,000.

The commercial vehicle COE price also saw a slight dip of 1.1%, moving from the previous S$83,140 to S$82,223.

The sharpest decline was observed in the COE premium for motorcycles, which fell by 5.78%. This category marked a decrease from S$10,709 to S$10,090.