Analysis, architecture, design are skills Singapore employers are seeking for access- level jobs

SINGAPORE: A novel statement from LinkedIn has shed light on the most sought- after skills for new graduates entering the workforce, revealing that research, engineering, and style are the best skills required for entry- level positions in the Singapore job market. According to the Career Start 2024 statement, authorities management is the fastest- growing market…

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Twitter Profile @LKYMM23 – India’s Latest Attempt At Influencing Politics in Singapore

In the digital age, the manipulation of online narratives has become a ubiquitous phenomenon, with governments, political entities, and individuals alike engaging in the dissemination of information and disinformation for various purposes. While China’s notorious internet brigade has often taken centre stage in discussions about online manipulation, it’s crucial to recognize that such activities are…

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    Pritam Singh leaves it to the public to draw conclusions on the ‘uncanny coincidence’ of a viral video involving former WP MPs and PAP’s announcement of an affair between two of its MPs

    SINGAPORE — When questioned about the timing and coincidence of the video exposing two former Workers’ Party (WP) members’ affairs, which emerged just hours before People’s Action Party announced the resignation of its Members of Parliament, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin and Ms Cheng Li Hui, WP Secretary-General Pritam Singh refrained from speculation. However, he acknowledged that…

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